Wishing for more

i’ve done whatever i could
i’ve run a thousand miles
i see the daylight fading
but the moon just won’t shine

i’m in love with a perfect stranger
n’ i’m losing my mind
she could help me from the danger
she could help me unwind

i’ve climbed the highest mountain
n’ i’ve been to the shore
i’ve seen the seven wonders
n’ i’m still wishing for more

i can’t find the angel in me
n’ the devil’s on the loose
don’t know why i’m waiting
don’t know why i’m confused

i’ve jumped from swinging bridges
n’ i’ve conquered the falls
i’ve swam across rivers
n’ i’ve punched through walls


I’m an engineer and an educator. In 2012, I co-founded Karkhana, an education company that designs learning experiences for middle school students. I play guitar and enjoy writing both computer programs and my own songs. I also like illustrating my friends as South Park cartoon characters using Inkscape.

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