Ready for love

Am G
don’t know where it all began or will it ever end
they say love always wins and broken hearts will mend
i’m ready for love, i-i’m ready for love
you said thing would change and you walked away
i want you here right now, wish you’d stay
with me a while, stay with me a while
don’t know why i’m waiting
don’t know what i’m looking for
won’t you come back to me baby
you know love will rise above
i-i’m ready for love
as we move ahead, things will change
they keep on changing but i will remain
true to you, woo-hoo-hoo true to you
i know you’re all alone, searching for a friend
why don’t you close your eyes, please hold my hands
i’ll be your friend, i-i’ll be your friend

I’m an engineer and an educator. In 2012, I co-founded Karkhana, an education company that designs learning experiences for middle school students. I play guitar and enjoy writing both computer programs and my own songs. I also like illustrating my friends as South Park cartoon characters using Inkscape.

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