Post-quake lesson plan

Karkhana is collaborating with experienced teachers, educators and psychologists in designing a teacher training package called “First Day Back” to train the school teachers to facilitate a day long lesson plan filled with fun activities that help kids deal with trauma.

The lesson plan is divided into the following 6 sections:

  1. Experience sharing:

The teacher starts by sharing her own experience of the earthquake and encourages the kids to share their individual experiences.

  1. Window activity:

The kids are divided into small groups and they add their thoughts in response to the sentences written on a chart.

  1. I am sad when …
  2. I am safe when …
  3. I am happy when …
  4. I am scared when …


  1. Story to art:

We have written 5 stories that explain various coping mechanisms that the kids can use. Each team has 3 minutes to read the story and 10 minutes to draw the story on a piece of paper. After the allotted time, each team selects a ‘teacher’ among them who explains the story while the rest of the members are ‘students’. The students move from table to table to go through each story and the learning happens through sharing.


  1. Identifying strengths:

The teacher presents a chart with a list of strengths and asks the students to identify strengths they can relate to. The kids then work in pairs to identify their own strengths and add to the list.


  1. Rebuilding Nepal:

The kids then use collage to express their ideas on how they can rebuild Nepal and share it with the whole class.

rebuildingNepal rebuild2

  1. Reflection and Review

After each class, the teachers take some time to reflect on things that worked well and things that could be improved. These reflection help us fine tune the lesson plan and refine the content.





I’m an engineer and an educator. In 2012, I co-founded Karkhana, an education company that designs learning experiences for middle school students. I play guitar and enjoy writing both computer programs and my own songs. I also like illustrating my friends as South Park cartoon characters using Inkscape.

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