Projects and Involvements

  1. Maker Mentor 2016, Kathmandu

    Maker Mentor is a Karkhana initiative to mentor 18-24 year old youth to become mentors for young students (between ages of 8 – 14) using technology, art and making. Through the mentorship program, the Maker Mentors will get opportunities to engage and nurture young minds through hands-on fun practical activities.

  2. K_Space 2016 Kathmandu, Nepal

    Karkhana launched a space program focused on satellites and space exploration – running three separate space-themed classes in 2016. The goal of the program is to have Karkhana students build their own launch ready DIY picosatellites in the next 2 years.  As part of Karkhana Space program K_Space, a DIY gathering and workshop for space exploration, was held in Kathmandu, Nepal on October 20-29, 2016.

  3. BeeCreative Teacher Development

    Karkhana teachers facilitate teacher development sessions on Questioning and Higher Order Thinking, Classroom Management, Empathy in Classrooms, 3 E’s in Lesson Planning, and Facilitating Critical Thinking for BeeCreative partner schools.

  4. Residency at ITP New York University 2015, NYC

    In September 2015, I completed a month long residency at Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University to study teaching methods at ITP and to exchange ideas on classroom practices. At ITP, I facilitated a 40 minute session on ‘Education in Nepal‘ as a part of Greg Dorsainville’s course Educate the Future.

  5. FabLearn 2015, Stanford University

    I presented a short paper titled “Closing the Gap in Computing Confidence in Middle School through Creative Computing” at Fab Learn 2015, Stanford University.

  6. Nawa Marga 2015: Post-quake Relief Through Education

    In April 2015, Nepal experienced a devastating earthquake. As much as the earthquake was a tragedy, it was also an opportunity for us to promote new approaches to teaching that value emotional well ­being of students. In just over a month, we trained 277 trainers who went on to train 6,412 teachers in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Kavre, Nuwakot and Dhading. Our efforts that started with just three teachers ultimately reached 200,600 students.

  7. Making Maker Education, Kathmandu

    I co-taught and led a week long service learning program in Kathmandu for Interactive Media Arts (IMA), NYU
    Shanghai undergraduate students. The service learning program was a part of a course called ‘Making Maker Education’ that was taught by Sakar Pudasaini at IMA.

  8. HackteriaLab 2014, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

    HackteriaLab 2014 was a creative development and research phase in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, where a highly interdisciplinary and multicultural group worked collaboratively and shared their knowledge with various networks of local artists and institutions, as well as a public audience. The projects were based on ongoing activities by Lifepatch with actual conditions in three ecologies: bioremediation of volcanic soil on Mount Merapi, water monitoring and sanitation in Code River and biodiversity conservation in Wonosadi Forest.

  9. Singapore Science Center 2014, Singapore 

    In Shenzhen Maker Faire 2014, we met some representatives from the Singapore Science Center. They were interested in the work we were doing in Kathmandu. So, they invited us to run a workshop for kids in Singapore. We conducted a making workshop for kids at the Singapore Science Center in May 2014.

  10. Monsoon Collective 2012, Kathmandu

    In July 2012, a couple of artists, poets, activists, engineers, and tinkerers came together to build interventions in and for the city of Kathmandu. The month long collective concluded with an exhibition that hosted member-led projects, as well as public learning workshops covering diverse topics: cinemagraphs, map-making, and SMS and mobile development. Who would have know at that time that Sakar Pudasaini and Dipeshwor Man Shrestha would be starting a company together.