Education in Nepal (Zoom in)

Here’s a technique called Zoom In, that I came across in the book, Making Thinking Visible by Ron Ritchhart, Mark Church &Karin Morrison.

How it works

1. Look closely at the small bit or image that is revealed.

– What do you see or notice?
– What is your hypothesis or interpretation of what this might be based on what you are seeing?

2. Reveal more of the image

– What new things do you see?
– How does this change your hypothesis or interpretation? Has the new information answered any of your wonders or changed your previous ideas?
– What new things are you wondering about?
– Share it with the person next to you

3. Repeat the reveal and questioning until the whole image has been revealed

– What lingering questions remain for you about this image

I Googled images I could use to facilitate the discussion and after some research, I decided to use the image from this site. Then I used Inkscape to crop the image into smaller pieces to evoke wondering in the learners.

Let’s get started.

Reveal 1


What are your thoughts/questions/wondering about the image?
Note down what you notice? Where it the image from?

Reveal 2


What do you notice? Is there any relation between the first image and this image?

Reveal 3


What else do you think are on the right and left of the image you see?

Reveal 4


Does this add anything to your mental image? Where else have you seen things like these?

Reveal 5


What do you see? Notice the colors and textures.

Reveal 6


Where do you think the image is from?

Reveal 7


Look carefully? What colors do you see?
Discuss with your partner what you notice.

Reveal 8


Is this a part of the image?
What is the action?
Is it a boy or a girl?

Reveal 9


Is it a boy or a girl?

Reveal 10


Where is she headed?

Reveal 11


What is her name?
What is her age?
In which grade does she study?
What do you think her life is like?
Does she enjoy going to school?
Does she go to a private school or a public school?
Will she gain a higher education?

Reveal 12


What about the girl in the back?
What is her name?
What is her age?
Does she go to school?
Would she want to go to school?
How different do you think the lives of the two girls are?

Reveal 13


What action?
Is it a boy or a girl?

Reveal 14


Is it a boy or a girl? Why?

Reveal 15


What is she holding?
What do you think is in her bag?
What is her name?
What is her age?
Does she go to a private school or a public school?
Will she gain a higher education?

Reveal 16


How are the lives of the three girls similar of different?
Different how?
What do you think their ambitions are?
Where do you think the girls will be in 10 years time?
Will they have achieved their ambitions?

Reveal 17


Is it a boy or a girl?

Reveal 18


What is his name?
What is his age?
Does he go to school?
Will he get to learn the skills he needs in a school?
Does he have siblings?
How many members are there in his family?
What do you think his normal day looks like?

Reveal 19


How different are the lives of the 4 children?
Where will they be in 10 years time?

Reveal 20


What does the complete picture tell you?
Did your views and thoughts change as you got to see the complete picture?
Is the situation similar in your country?
Is there a problem?
What can you do as an individual to solve that problem?

Here are some data I used from the World Bank site.

Indicator 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Percent of female population (%) 51.2 51.4 51.5 51.6 51.7
Children out of school male (not enrolled) 45740 37485
Children out of school female (not enrolled) 59945 44074
Ratio of girls to boys in primary enrollment (%) 107 109 108 108 109
Ratio of girls to boys in secondary enrollment (%) 97 101 104 105 106
Ratio of girls to boys in tertiary enrollment (%) 62 64 81
Literacy rate, youth male (%) 89
Literacy rate, youth female (%) 77

Any interesting observations you made after looking at the data?
Why do you think there is a decline in the enrollment rates of female students in tertiary level (higher education)?


I’m an engineer and an educator. In 2012, I co-founded Karkhana, an education company that designs learning experiences for middle school students. I play guitar and enjoy writing both computer programs and my own songs. I also like illustrating my friends as South Park cartoon characters using Inkscape.

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