Doesn’t matter

G D C Cadd9
doesn’t really matter if you love me or not
doesn’t even matter which side you’re on
the only thing that matters is me, being free

can’t relly find a way our of this place
i’m fed up with my life n’ my one night stands
i’m running for some cover but i, can’t see

don’t really care if you go or stay
don’t even care if i stray my way
the only thing i can do is sit here n’ wait

no i won’t tell no lies, no i wont complain
no i won’t sell my soul, or trade in my pain
the only thing i can do is try again


I’m an engineer and an educator. In 2012, I co-founded Karkhana, an education company that designs learning experiences for middle school students. I play guitar and enjoy writing both computer programs and my own songs. I also like illustrating my friends as South Park cartoon characters using Inkscape.

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