Energizers list

1. Waah!
2. Let’s all ___
3. What are you doing?
4. In-Out-Jump and reverse
5. Ninja
6. Clap pass


Post-quake lesson plan

Karkhana is collaborating with experienced teachers, educators and psychologists in designing a teacher training package called “First Day Back” to train the school teachers to facilitate a day long lesson plan filled with fun activities that help kids deal with trauma.

The lesson plan is divided into the following 6 sections:

  1. Experience sharing:

The teacher starts by sharing her own experience of the earthquake and encourages the kids to share their individual experiences.

  1. Window activity:

The kids are divided into small groups and they add their thoughts in response to the sentences written on a chart.

  1. I am sad when …
  2. I am safe when …
  3. I am happy when …
  4. I am scared when …


Guitar recording 1

Zoom In

I facilitate a Critical Reading class for the Karkhana and Galli Galli team at the Karkhana space on Tuesdays. Our team decided to read more about different ‘-isms’ (Marxism, Atheism, Communism, Capitalism, Socialism…) and we started with Feminism. We started reading around 50 pages from Nevedita Menon’s book, ‘Seeing Like a Feminist‘.

Here’s a technique I used to facilitate the introductory class which I came across in the book, Making Thinking Visible by Ron Ritchhart, Mark Church &Karin Morrison.

1. Look closely at the small bit or image that is revealed.

– What do you see or notice?
– What is your hypothesis or interpretation of what this might be based on what you are seeing?

2. Reveal more of the image

– What new things do you see?
– How does this change your hypothesis or interpretation? Has the new information answered any of your wonders or changed your previous ideas?
– What new things are you wondering about?

3. Repeat the reveal and questioning until the whole image has been revealed

– What lingering questions remain for you about this image


Scales in music

Here’s a simple lessons about chromatic scale, major scale and pentatonic scale.

1. Chromatic scale

Play a note on the first fret of any string in the guitar, then the 2nd fret and the 3rd fret on the same string and then play each note in the adjacent fret as you move towards the body of the guitar. What do you notice? You probably notice that the sound becomes sharper. So the note changes as we move from one fret to the other in the same string. Chromatic scale is the combination of all the adjacent notes.


Paper bot

I went to the Art Market organized at the Yellow House, Sanepa, a couple of months ago. There were amazing works from various artists and arts collectives. I bought a couple of postcards from Srijanalay made by 3 to 11 year old kids and a few bookmarks from Artree. (Well those were the only things I could afford 🙂 )

As I was browsing through the stalls, a colorful 3d Lakhe (a demon in Nepalese folklore) caught my eye. On close observation I came to know that it was made from a single piece of paper. I made a mental note to return to the stall to buy the cute Lakhe for my 3 year old my niece. After that, I met some friends there and somehow forgot to go back to the stall. I only realized that I did not buy the Lakhe after I reached home and showed the postcards to my sister. The image of the colorful Lakhe was dancing in my head.


Ready for love

Am G
don’t know where it all began or will it ever end
they say love always wins and broken hearts will mend
i’m ready for love, i-i’m ready for love
you said thing would change and you walked away
i want you here right now, wish you’d stay
with me a while, stay with me a while
don’t know why i’m waiting
don’t know what i’m looking for
won’t you come back to me baby
you know love will rise above
i-i’m ready for love
as we move ahead, things will change
they keep on changing but i will remain
true to you, woo-hoo-hoo true to you
i know you’re all alone, searching for a friend
why don’t you close your eyes, please hold my hands
i’ll be your friend, i-i’ll be your friend

B’day wish



Find a way out

B F#
you say i need to hold on
ain’t it strange,
i’ve been waiting for so long
E F# B
n’ i can’t find a way out

you say i should have moved on
but memories
always bring me down
n’ i can’t find a way out

you say i should carry on
gone are the days,
its about time i learned
n’ i can’t find a way out

Breaking me

i’ve been trying to find a way
but you never seem to care x2

n’ its breaking me down x2

n’ i want you to stay
hope my tears will dry away
yeah i want you to stay
hope my fears will fly away

n’ its breaking me down x2

doesn’t matter what they say
i wanna be with you every day x2

n’ its breaking me down x2

feels like the colors seem to fade
n’ all the seasons seem to change
just like the flowers need the rain
everythign seems so strange

n’ its breaking me down x2