Battery Town 2.0


Em G Em C G
i feel like i had been waiting, for the end of the world
but when i saw your smile, it gave me a brand new hope

every time i closed my eyes, i could never dream before
and now when you’re around, i keep wishing for more

Secret Santa using 3-2-1 design principle

A few weeks ago, Rajina had shared Storypick’s post about matchbox greeting cards. The examples in the post were adorable and I wanted to make some on my own. Last week, at Karkhana, we decided to organize Secret Santa and I got Sagun on my chit. Here are the steps I used to make her Christmas gift.

I created a Google doc where I listed possible ideas. Then I decided to use the 3-2-1 design principle, so I did a quick sketch of 5 ideas.



I don’t know why, you’re on my mind
I don’t know how, I’ll say goodbye

I know it won’t work, but I’ve made my mind
No I can’t change, but I’ll give it a try

I’ll wait, I’ll wait, I’ll wait, I’ll wait for you
I pray, I pray, I pray, for you to know

I don’t know why, I’m singing this song
No I can’t tell, what’s right from wrong

All I can do, is stay here and wait
Till the day I die or till my spirit breaks

I’ll wait, I’ll wait, I’ll wait, I’ll wait for you
I pray, I pray, I pray, for you to know

The love remains

it’s 8 am and i’m waiting for the alarm
n’ i say your name, before i make any plans

the clock shows 9, i should be feeling fine
but somehow can’t get you off my mind

it’s already 10, n’ its hard to get up again
it starts to rain, i wonder why the love remains

it’s 11 now, i drag myself to work somehow
what went wrong, don’t know when, where and how?

lunch at noon, hoping the day’s over soon
i look outside, but i can’t see the moon

it’s 1:15, n’ i’m waiting for the sun to set
i’ve been a fool, n’ i’ve made mistakes

it’s 6 o’clock, see now i have a writer’s block
yeah i’m stuck, n’ i blame it on my luck

soon it’s nine, try to add one more line
i pour some wine, hoping everything will be fine

it’s already 10, n’ it’s hard to sleep again
can’t stand the pain, n’ i wonder why the love remains

Security utility belt Fab Learn

Fab Learn Quick prototyping: Security utility belt.


Education in Nepal (Zoom in)

Here’s a technique called Zoom In, that I came across in the book, Making Thinking Visible by Ron Ritchhart, Mark Church &Karin Morrison.


Battery Town

Siddhartha Shakya, one of my students at Karkhana came up with this illustration of an evil LED.

Based on this illustration, I came up with the story of Battery Town in a 3 day Children’s book writers’ and illustrators’ workshop facilitated by Beth Norford and Kripa Joshi at Rato Bangala Foundation, Lalitpur.





Improv games

Improv games list:

1. Count to 20
2. Freeze
3. 3 headed expert
4. Situational drama
5. Taboo
6.  Word association
7. Emotions
8. Letters
9. Name game
10. Walking blind